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Nathan Trent is a Singer/Songwriter in the genres Pop and R’n’B. Born in 1992 in Innsbruck, Austria, he was raised bilingually in Italian and German in an artistic family. By sending him to private lessons in violin and piano at the age of three, his parents had set the basis for his future. Given the fact that his father plays the violin professionally in the orchestra of the National Theater of Innsbruck, Nathan practically grew up in the theater. As a kid he participated in various plays and musicals which brought him closer to singing at a very young age.

He is an exceptionally gifted singer with a unique voice!Previn Moore

His résumé shows a four-year singing, acting and dance education, in the styles of Jazz, Contemporary and Commercial. He is still receiving voice lessons from his singing teacher Previn Moore. As for his acting skills he participated in productions with famous Austrian actors in the prestigious ”Theater in der Josefstadt” and was part of a short movie called “Eisland”.

He started writing his first songs when he was only eleven years old. After spending more than a decade acquiring new skills, he finally could concentrate on putting his songwriting to the next level. Years of experience with various music programs contributed to the development of producing and finding his personal style and the ability to fully express himself as an artist. Today he writes, composes, arranges and produces his own music.

He turns my studio into a hit factory!Lenzelot, Procuder

Nathan is known for his Charisma. Professors, directors and producers describe him as being an exceptionally gifted musician with a unique timbre.

His debut Single “Like It Is” was released on June 18th 2016. With his song “Running On Air” that describes situations of his private life and was composed in a situation where he felt that changes would be coming up, he was able to qualify for the Grand Final at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv this year. He finished 16th with a total of 93 points.

On June 20 he released the Italian version of “Running On Air” called “Fino A Che Volerò”. On June 30 Nathan also released the Spanish version called “Aire”.

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