Aire: Spanish version of Running On Air released

In addition to the Italian version of “Running On Air”, Nathan decided to fulfill the wishes of his fans, which highly requested a spanish version of his song. The summery track is called “Aire” and was produced by Vincent Bueno.

Photo: Martin Hauser Photography

With his song “Running On Air”, Nathan Trent was able to get a spot in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. With his musicality and his passion for languages, Nathan got the attention of the media all over Europe – that’s when he decided to sing an international version of this song in five different languages at the press conference in Kyiv.

His fans on Social Media were thirsty for more different versions of “Running On Air“, so now the time has come:
After releasing the Italian Version: “Fino A Che Volerò“, today the Spanish version of the song, called “Aire“, is going to be released by the ORF Enterprise. You can get both songs on every major music platforms and watch the video on his YouTube channel. Translation by Daniel Tejeda, production by Vincent Bueno and mixing and mastering at the SoundDesignStudios Lenzelot. The Italian version was translated by Nathan himself and has been produced by his Co-writer Bernhard Penzias.

Nathan Trent:
I love to give things a new vibe once in a while! That’s why I decided to make a very summery version of “Running On Air” in Spanish named “Aire”. I wanted it to revive the songs’ fresh spirit of its meaning with new translated lyrics and an upbeat arrangement produced by the very talented Vincent Bueno.