Life Ball 2018

June 02, 2018
On June 2, 2018, Life Ball celebrates its 25th anniversary. It's to review the achievements in the fight against HIV / AIDS over the last 25 years and evaluate Life Ball’s sociopolitical impact.
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For the 25th anniversary of Life Ball and its homage to The Sound of Music, a Life Ball family was cast. The individuals will be ambassadors for the Life Ball events throughout the year and the important causes they highlight. They will also participate in the Opening Ceremony on Saturday, June 2, 2018. In addition to Conchita as Fräulein Maria, actor and theater director Herbert Föttinger will play the role of Captain Georg von Trapp. The family choir is completed by Vera Doppler as Liesl, Markus Freistätter as Friedrich, Zoe Straub as Louisa, Nathan Trent as Kurt, Verena Altenberger as Brigitta, Rose Alaba as Marta and Missy May as Gretl.

Photo (c) Life Ball / Harald Klemm


Robert-Stolz-Platz 1
1010 Vienna