Nathan releases “Fino A Che Volerò”

After having great success at the Eurovision Song Contest, Nathan decided to give his song “Running On Air” another personal twist as he releases an Italian version called “Fino A Che Volerò”.

Nathan-Trent-Fino-A-Che-Volerò-Release-News-PNG Single
Photo: Martin Hauser Photography

After finishing 16th with his self-written song “Running On Air” at the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in May, Nathan Trent decided to rerecord the song in his mother tongue. He already performed a short multilingual version at the press conference in Kyiv, but now he has translated the entire song as an homage to his second homeland.

Nathan Trent:
Italian is my mother tongue and let’s me express my feelings in a different way. For this I’m very happy I can share this version called “Fino A Che Volerò” (“until I’ll be flying”) with everyone, because it has an even deeper meaning.

Fino A Che Volerò” will be available for download and stream on every known plattform soon.